Water, Trees, Farming, and Agricultural Legislations Successive to the Establishment of the Republic of Turkey after the Collapse of the Ottoman Empire

Fazila Derya Agis, University of the People

This study investigates the environmental policies Atatürk brought to Turkey after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire as legislations recorded in the Official Journals of Turkey, explaining these policies’ importance by educating children. Besides, the legislations’ presence in the Turkish movie “Bal-Kaymak” [“Honey-Cream”] will be analyzed as a female child is living in a Balkan village, once belonging to the Ottoman Empire, and is trying to make peace between her grandfather, famous for his honey and her grandmother, famous for her cream. The ecological metaphors related to Atatürk’s environmental reforms after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire will be examined in this movie by emphasizing the importance of a) local agricultural products, b) food security, c) water resources, and d) trees and green zones. Resources: Tan, Onur (director). 2018. “Bal kaymak.” 2D Medya. Official Journals of Turkey from: https://www.resmigazete.gov.tr/.

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 Presented in Session 111. Young People and the Environment