Friday, November 18 / 1:45 PM - 3:30 PM Dearborn 1 (Floor 7)

Session 104
Sustaining Social Science Infrastructure Into the Future: A Roundtable Discussion

Chair: Diana Magnuson, University of Minnesota

1. Data Infrastructure RoundtablePeter Meyer, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

2. PRDH, Research Programme in Historical DemographyLisa Dillon, Université de Montréal.

3. CEDAR Enheten För Demografi Och Åldrandeforskning/Centre for Demographic and Ageing ResearchElisabeth Engberg, Centre for Demographic and Ageing Research (CEDAR), Umeå University.

4. IPUMSSteven Ruggles, University of Minnesota.

5. Richard L. Steckel, The Ohio State University.

6. Norwegian Historical Data CenterGunnar Thorvaldsen, Universitetet i Tromsø.

7. The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research at Cornell UniversityKathleen Weldon, The Roper Center, Cornell.

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