Friday, November 18 / 3:45 PM - 5:30 PM Clark 5 (Floor 7)

Session 114
Quantitative Transnational Approaches to Migrations and Persecutions: A Renewal in Migration Studies

Chair: Ivan Ermakoff, University of Wisconsin-Madison

1. Seeking Refuge from Poland and Surviving War and the Holocaust in the Soviet Union w Proposed PaperThomas Chopard, CEFR/Inalco, CREE.

2. Between Migrations and Persecutions: The Role of Ties in the Trajectories of Lubartów Jews, 1930-1940Gabrielle Escaich, Ecole Normale Supérieure, New York University; Anton Perdoncin, CNRS (Cens, Nantes University), ERC Lubartworld; Claire Zalc, CNRS-EHESS.

3. From Lubartów to New York: Migration Legacies and Family Dispersion as a Resource for Migratory Trajectories, 1920-1950Adèle Sutre, EHESS.

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