Friday, November 18 / 3:45 PM - 5:30 PM

Session 121
Regions of State Formation

1. Embedding Militarized Socialism: The Sociogenesis of the Post-Revolutionary Statecraft in China (1946-1959)Yuting Chen, University of Chicago.

2. Completing What the Ottomans Left Unfinished: Dersim as an Internal Colony across Empire and Nation-State (1877-1938)Cevat Dargin, Princeton University.

3. The Collapse of Empire and the Transformation of Frontier Elite Politics: State-Building in the Greater Xinjiang Region, 1911–1919Zikui Wei, The University of Chicago.

4. The Long-Run Effects of Weak States: Evidence from the Viking Settlement of Eastern EnglandAnders Wieland, Aarhus University.

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