Saturday, November 19 / 8:00 AM - 9:45 AM

Session 148
Dividents of Disasters: Disease, Fire, Imperialism

Chair: Sakari Saaritsa, University of Helsinki
Discussant: Sakari Saaritsa, University of Helsinki

1. Spread of Influenza in the Canton of Bern, 1918-1925Joël Floris, University of Zurich; Marco Bernhard, University of Zurich; Katarina L. Matthes, University of Zurich; Kaspar Staub, University of Zurich.

2. Disruptive Effects on Natural Disasters: The 1906 San Francisco FireHanna Schwank, Boston University.

3. European Scramble in Southeast Asia and Its Impact on Southeast Asian EconomyAnusha Natarajan, Arizona State University.

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