Saturday, November 19 / 10:00 AM - 11:45 AM LaSalle 2 (Floor 7)

Session 158
Dispossession and Migration: Perspectives on the Role of Courts and Displacement in Historical Perspective

Chair: Daniel Pasciuti, Georgia State University
Discussant: Daniel Pasciuti, Georgia State University

1. Regional Dispossession: Dispossessory Courts in Urban, Suburban, and Rural GeorgiaJoy Dillard-Appel, Georgia State University.

2. Eviction in Atlanta and Clayton County: A Historical and Critical Geospatial Analysis of Race and HealthTabitha Ingle, Georgia State University.

3. Routes of Movement: Tenants Experiences of Navigating the Formal Eviction Process in Urban SpaceGeorge Usmanov, Georgia State University.

4. The Role of the Court: Scale and Capacity in Historical PerspectivePat Barrett, Georgia State University; Daniel Pasciuti, Georgia State University.

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