Saturday, November 19 / 2:00 PM - 3:45 PM Burnham 2 (Floor 7)

Session 177
Geographies of Segregation and Inequality II

1. The Long-Term Effects of Childhood Poverty in Adult's SES Attainment. How Important Is the Neighborhood? (Sweden, 1939-2015)Gabriel Brea-Martinez, Centre for Economic Demography-Economic History Lund University.

2. Beyond Exception: The Irish Border, Empire and the Limits of Cosmopolitan NationalismNiall A. Cunningham, Newcastle University; Laurence Brown, Australian National University.

3. Securing Segregation: Redlining, Physical Barriers, and the Persistence of SegregationElizabeth Roberto, Rice University; Jaleh Jalili, Rice University.

4. Historical Structural Racism as a Determinant in Contemporary Built Environment InequalitiesRichard Sadler, Michigan State University.

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