Saturday, November 19 / 2:00 PM - 3:45 PM LaSalle 1 (Floor 7)

Session 184
Race, Racism, and the State

Chair: Marisela Martinez-Cola, Morehouse College

1. The Use of American Sociology’s “Race Relations” Paradigm to Silence W.E.B. Du Bois’ Critiques of Racial Capitalism at the U.N. (1948-1951)Julia Bates, Sacred Heart University.

2. The World Conference against Racism 20 Years Later: Evaluating Afro-Descendant Inclusion in Mexico and PeruKristina E. Lee, Northwestern University.

3. Child Removal Policies Aimed at American Indian/Alaskan Native Families: Results of a Large Study of Impacts and HealingCarolyn A. Liebler, University of Minnesota; Sandy White Hawk, First Nations Repatriation Institute; Samuel Torres, National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition; Sara Axtell, University of Minnesota; Maggie Greenleaf, University of Minnesota; Chris Mann, University of Minnesota.

4. "People's Courts" and the Production of Alternative Visions of Legality: The Black Panthers inside and outside the CourtsWilla Sachs, Yale University.

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