Thursday, November 17 / 4:00 PM - 5:45 PM Clark 7 (Floor 7)

Session 49
Presidential Session: The US South: Colonialism, Internal Colonialism, and Uneven Development

Chair: Mark Schultz, Lewis University
Discussant: Tore Olsson, University of Tennessee

1. Patricians and Parvenus down Yonder: Internal (Post-)Colonialism and Georgia’s Political MetamorphosesDave Anderson, Louisiana Tech University; Marko Maunula, Clayton State University.

2. Whatever Happened to the Colonial Economy?David Carlton, Vanderbilt University.

3. Shape Shifting: The Changing Pattern of Crisis in the Rural SouthPeter Coclanis, University of North Carollina at Chapel Hill; Louis Kyriakoudes, Middle Tennessee State University.

4. Liverpool and the American South in the Industrial RevolutionBarbara Hahn, Texas Tech University.

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