Friday, November 18 / 8:00 AM - 9:45 AM

Session 57

1. “Heroes, Traitors, and Social Outcasts: Revisiting Theoretical and Data Incongruencies of the Cape Rebels, 1880-1902”Lauren Coetzee, Stellenbosch University.

2. The Origins of Black Radical Tradition: Marronage, a Self-Emancipation MovementPriscilla JudsonWallace, University of Houston, 3rd year PhD Candidate.

3. Leaving or Staying? Spatial Segregation, Confessional Diversity, and Migratory BehaviorAnton Perdoncin, ERC Lubartworld, EHESS; Adèle Sutre, EHESS; Claire Zalc, CNRS-EHESS.

4. The Organizational Ecology of an Epidemic: How the AIDS Crisis Affected LGBTQ Organizations across the United StatesMahesh Somashekhar, University of Illinois at Chicago; Giacomo Negro, Emory University.

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