1. Childhood and Youth

101. Childhood and Youth Alexander/Swietlicki /Ellis
104. Reverberations of Youth Migration across Centuries II Bruce
105. Reverberations of Youth Migration across Centuries I Bruce
106. Has Childhood Disappeared? A Critical Re-Examination of Postman's Work, on the Occasion of the 40th Anniversary of "The Disappearance of Childhood" Davidov
107. "Rethinking Paradigms of National Identities in Contemporary Children's Literature: Chilean Landscapes, Puerto Rican Girlhoods, Italian Heroes" Truglio
108. Book Roundtable on Revolutions at Home: The Origin of Modern Childhood and the German Middle Class by Emily Bruce Dillenburg
109. Young People and the Environment Swietlicki 
110. Ideologies of Childhood Swietlicki 
111. Children as Political Agents and Subjects Swietlicki 
112. Young People and Colonial Regimes Swietlicki 
113. Archive Stories and Questions of Silence Swietlicki 
114. Book Roundtable: Revolutions at Home: The Origin of Modern Childhood and the German Middle Class by Emily Bruce Swietlicki 

2. Crime, Justice and the Law

201. Crime, Justice and the Law Shiff/Svedin
202. Comparative Histories of Infanticide and Child Murder in the Modern West McMahon
203. Author Meets Critic: The Paradox of Violence in Venezuela: Revolution, Crime and Policing during Chavismo, by David Smilde, Veronica Zubillaga and Rebecca Hanson Smilde
205. Law and order: rhetorics, narratives and social construction Shiff
206. Measuring and Assessing Crime and Punishment Shiff

3. Culture

301. Culture Dromi/Woodberry/O'Shea/Skotnicki/Becker
302. Author Meets Critic: A Strategic Nature: Public Relations and the Politics of American Environmentalism by Melissa Aronczyk and Maria I. Espinoza Aronczyk
303. Author Meets Critic: Tad Skotnicki's 'The Sympathetic Consumer' Levenson
304. Author Meets Critics/ "How Civic Action Works: Fighting for Housing in Los Angeles" by Paul Lichterman (Princeton and Oxford: Princeton University Press, 2021) Spillman
305. Author Meets Critics: Rally 'Round the Flag: The Search for National Honor and Respect in Times of Crisis by Yuval Feinstein Dromi

4. Economics

401. Economics Meyer/Saaritsa/Eloranta/Burnette
402. Missing Girls, Sex Ratios at Birth and Economic Development: Evidence Across Europe Saaritsa
403. The Happiest Country in the World Under Construction: New Historical Economics on Finnish Development Saaritsa
405. Organization and Regulation: Unions, Barriers to Trade, and Consumer Organizations Saaritsa
406. Complicating Concepts of Growth Saaritsa
408. Mining and Industry Saaritsa
409. Dividents of Disasters: Disease, Fire, Imperialism Saaritsa
410. Book Session: J. Bradford DeLong: Book Session: Slouching Towards Utopia: An Economic History of the Twentieth Century (2022) Wegge
411. Problems with Measuring Relative Worth over Time McCants

5. Education, Knowledge and Science

501. Education, Knowledge and Science Baker/Myers/Steward
502. China in the U.S. Imaginary Griffen
503. Expertise and the U.S. State Griffen
504. Contested Values in Fields of Expertise Griffen
505. Expertise, the State, and the Past Griffen
506. In and Beyond Colonial Archives Rodríguez-Muñiz
507. Archival Methods, Ethics, and Subjectivities Rodríguez-Muñiz
508. Expertise and Cultures of Uncertainty Griffen
509. Book Session: The Colonial Origins of French Sociology by George Steinmetz Baker
510. Book Session: The Birth Certificate: An American History by Susan Pearson Merchant
511. Author Meets Critic: Allies and Rivals: German-American Exchange and the Rise of the Modern Research University, by Emily J. Levine Stevens
512. Book Session: Thinking like an Economist by Elizabeth Popp Berman Griffen
513. Expertise and the Representation of Racial Inequality and Difference Griffen
514. Curriculum and Data in the Institutional Development of Education Baker
515. Colonization, Race and Education Baker

6. Family Demography

601. Family Demography Zijdeman/van Dijk
602. Using Colonial and Missionary Data for Demography Zijdeman
603. Complete Count Data and Linked Censuses Zijdeman
606. The Path to Marriage Zijdeman
610. Populations under Pressure Session (I): Forced Labor, Slavery and Its Continued Effects on Colonial Societies Van Galen
611. Populations under Pressure Session (II): Forced Labor, Slavery and Its Continued Effects on Colonial Societies Van Galen
612. Full Count Census Data I: Impact of Shocks on Demographic and Economic Outcomes Nelson
613. Full Count Census Data III: Tracking Networks beyond the Census Nelson

7. Health, Medicine and Body

701. Public Health and Race Tatarek/Caron
702. Care of and Death Among the Elderly Caron
703. Holding Health Professionals Accountable Caron
704. Healthcare and Health Insurance in Domestic and Imperial Settings Caron
706. Author Meets Critic: Managing Medical Authority: How Doctors Compete for Status and Create Knowledge by Daniel A. Menchik Slez

8. Historical Geography and GIS

801. Historical Geography and GIS Kennedy/Trepal
802. Roundtable--Building and Using Shareable Infrastructure to Advance Historical GIS Beveridge
803. From Empire to Empire State: Housing New York City over the Long Run Gray

9. Labor

901. Labor Groeger/Wood/Walter/Ivory
902. Labor Movements and Configurations of Racial Capitalism: Theorizing Race, Class, Gender in historical change Kang
903. Flexible Work and Trade Union Responses in the Netherlands van Veldhoven

10. Macrohistorical Dynamics

1001. Macro-Historical Dynamics Hung/Lee/Reed
1002. Book Panel: Clash of Empires: From "Chimerica" to the "New Cold War" by Ho-fung Hung Zhang
1003. Power and Normativity in Society and History (1): Racial Articulations across Spatial Regimes Skotnicki
1004. Power and Normativity in Society and History (2): States in Comparative-Historical Perspective Skotnicki
1005. Power and Normativity in Society and History (3): Intellectuals, History, and the State Skotnicki
1006. Power and Normativity in Society and History (4): the Historicity of Capitalism Skotnicki
1007. Withered Relevance of Historical Social Sciences at Times of Global Crises? Kim
1008. Author Meets Critics: "Capitalism and the Emergence of Civic Equality in Eighteenth-Century France," by William H.Sewell, Jr Sewell
1009. New Directions in Historical Sociology Parham
1010. What Was the Cold War? (1/2) Sendroiu
1011. What Was the Cold War? (2/2) Sendroiu
1012. Theory and History of Empires in Eurasia: Past and Present Zhang
1013. Book panel: Phillip A. Hough _At the Margins of the Global Market: Making Commodites, Workers, and Crisis in Rural Colombia_ (Cambridge University Press 2022) Hung
1014. Withered Relevance of Historical Social Sciences at Times of Global Crises? Kim
1015. (Post-)Colonial Archipelagos: Comparing the Legacies of Spanish Colonialism Leinius
1016. Between Marx and Mosca: The Critical Legacy of Elite Theory Emigh
1017. Author Meets Critic: Book "Creolizing the Modern. Transylvania across Empires" by Anca Parvulescu and Manuela Boatca Boatca
1018. The Crisis of US Hegemony that Wasn't: the Dollar, Détente, and World Trade during the 1970s and 1980s Elrod
1019. Author Meets Critic: How China Escaped Shock Therapy: The Market Reform Debate by Isabella Weber Xu

11. Migration/Immigration

1101. Immigration/Migration Reeder/Condit-Shrestha/Waldron
1102. Contexts of Reception in Global and Historical Perspective Jensen
1103. Cross-Border Labor Recruitment in the Age of Decolonization Kawar
1104. Author Meets Critic: "The Migration-Development Regime: How Class Shapes Indian Emigration" by Rina Agarwala Agarwala
1105. Analyzing Modern Migrations in the Global Context Laney
1106. Quantitative Transnational Approaches to Migrations and Persecutions: A Renewal in Migration Studies Perdoncin
1107. Forced Migration during World War II Ward
1108. Author Meets Critic: Galante's On the Other Shore: Italians in South America during the Great War Zanoni
1109. Understanding Global Migration: Book Review Panel Hollifield
1110. Migration Theory: Talking Across Disciplines, Book Review Panel Hollifield
1111. "The Geopolitics of Mobility: Immigration Policy and American Global Power in the Long Twentieth Century," Article Review Session Condit-Shrestha
1113. Migration, Refuge and Imperial Geopolitics: New Perspectives Waldron

12. Politics

1201. Politics Thurber
1202. The Comparative Development of Flexible Work in the Post-War Period van Veldhoven
1203. Roundtable: The Rise and Decline of the Voting Rights Act: Perspectives from History, Political Science, Demography and Civil Rights Lawyers Beveridge
1204. Politics, Finance, and Imperial State Formation in the Early Modern World Groz
1205. Critical Perspectives on U.S. Historical Development Broxmeyer
1206. Engaging War in Ukraine: Scholarly and Pedagogical Interventions Thurber
1207. Colonialism and Empire Thurber
1208. European Politics Thurber
1209. War and Politics Thurber
1210. State and Local Politics in the United States Thurber
1211. Contemporary United States Politics Thurber
1212. Asian and Middle Eastern Politics Thurber

13. Public Finance

1301. Measuring the Fisc Michelmore/Martin/Williamson
1304. Settler Colonialism and Taxation Michelmore
1305. Indigeneity and Tax Willmott
1306. Public Finance and the U.S. welfare state Michelmore

14. Race and Ethnicity

1401. Race and Ethnicity Jewell/Ivory/Martinez-Cola
1402. Book Panel: "The Bricks Before Brown" by Marisela Martinez-Cola Ivory

15. Religion

1501. Religion Peker/Saeed
1502. Missionaries and Empire Menchik
1503. Book Panel: Bound Together: The Secularization of Turkey's Literary Fields and the Western Promise of Freedom by Baris Büyükokutan Saeed
1504. Book Panel: Sacred Kingship in World History: Between Immanence and Transcendence (A. Azfar Moin and Alan Strathern) Saeed
1505. Book panel: The Flag and the Cross: White Christian Nationalism and the Threat to American Democracy Peker
1506. Modernity, Secularization, and Cultural Politics Peker
1507. Religious Encounters and Meaning Peker
1508. Politics and Social Change in Catholic Contexts Peker

16. Rural, Agricultural and Environmental

1601. Rural, Agricultural, and Environmental MacFadyen/McMillan Lequieu
1602. The US South: Colonialism, Internal Colonialism, and Uneven Development Maunula
1603. Empire, Energy, and Environment Albritton Jonsson /Chatterjee/Cecil Jobson
1604. Place attachment and social science history McMillan Lequieu/MacFadyen

17. States and Society

1701. States and Society Cohen/Ackerman/Gill
1703. Erving Goffman and the Historians. Contributions of the Interactionism to the Study of the Relationships between States, Institutions and Populations GENARD
1704. Author Meets Critics: 'Delivery as Dispossession' by Zachary Levenson Skotnicki
1705. (Dis)assembling the State: New Approaches to Studying State and Society Alemzadeh
1706. Author Meets Critic: "Redistributing the Poor: Jails, Hospitals, and the Crisis of Law and Fiscal Austerity" Vargas
1707. U.S. and British Empire Gill
1708. U.S. Empire in Latin America and the Caribbean Gill
1709. Author Meets Critics: Worldmaking in the Long Great War: How Local and Colonial Struggles Shaped the Modern Middle East by Jonathan Wyrtzen Wyrtzen
1710. New Perspectives in Postcolonial Social Theory Petzke
1711. Subnational Politics 1: American Political Development, Reconsidered Pacewicz
1712. Subnational Politics 2: The Actually Existing Safety Net Pacewicz
1713. Theorizing and Historicizing Revolutionary and Counter-Revolutionary Actors: Lessons from Modern and Contemporary Revolutions Said
1714. Neoliberalism, Authoritarianism, and the Post-Neoliberal Geva
1715. Theorizing the State’s Many Hands: How States Build, Reconfigure and Deploy Power Morgan
1716. Economic Value in the Post-Colonial State: Egypt, India, and China Kent
1717. New Directions in the Critical Study of Global Counterinsurgency and the Police-Military Continuum Cohen
1718. Author Meets Critics: Bread and Freedom: Egypt's Revolutionary Situation, by Mona El-Ghobashy Cohen/Lawson

18. Urban

1801. Urban Levenson

19. Women, Gender and Sexuality

1902. Activism and Queer Historiography Grisard
1903. American Women Writers and Fictional Heroines Grisard
1904. Motherhood and Early State Socialism in East-Central Europe Aguilar López-Barajas
1905. Author Meets Critic - Vrushali Patil (2022): Webbed Connectivities: The Imperial Sociology of Sex, Gender, and Sexuality, Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press Grisard
1906. Author Meets Critic - Claudia Franziska Brühwiler, Out of a Gray Fog: Ayn Rand’s Europe Lexington 2021 Saša Vukadinovic
1907. Author Meets Critic - Jeffrey Escoffier: Sex, Society and the Making of Pornography: The Pornographic Object of Knowledge, Rutgers University Press, 2021 Grisard
1908. Multidimensional perspectives on Women's Movements Goessl
1909. International Perspectives on Women's Movements Goessl
1910. Transnationality and Gender I Goessl
1911. Transnationality and Gender II Goessl
1912. Gender Concepts and Historical Structures Goessl
1913. Gender: Work in Progress Goessl
1914. Gender Crises in Past and Present: Grappling with Shame and Identity during Times of Upheaval Paige
1915. Author Meets Critic: 'The Maternalists: Psychoanalysis, Motherhood, and the British Welfare State' by Shaul Bar-Haim Bar Haim
1916. Author-Meets-Critics: The Politics of Surviving by Paige Sweet Decoteau

20. Data Infrastructure

2005. New Linked Data Infrastructure: Census Data, Registries, and Vital Records Magnuson
2006. Full Count Census Data II: Record Linkage and Databases Nelson
2008. Innovations in Data Infrastructure Magnuson
2009. Mobilizing Census Data: Key Infrastructure Developments Magnuson
2010. Sustaining Social Science Infrastructure Into the Future: A Roundtable Discussion Magnuson

21. SSHA Sessions

2101. Empire, Anti-Imperialism and Revolution Lawson
2102. Rethinking Empires in and of Asia Zarakol