1. Childhood and Youth

3. Reverberations of Youth Migration across Centuries I Thu 8:00
38. "Rethinking Paradigms of National Identities in Contemporary Children's Literature: Chilean Landscapes, Puerto Rican Girlhoods, Italian Heroes" Thu 4:00
52. Presidential Session - Reverberations of Youth Migration across Centuries II Fri 8:00
64. Book Roundtable on Revolutions at Home: The Origin of Modern Childhood and the German Middle Class by Emily Bruce Fri 10:00
111. Young People and the Environment Fri 3:45
138. Ideologies of Childhood Sat 8:00
151. Children as Political Agents and Subjects Sat 10:00
162. Presidential Session - Young People and Colonial Regimes Sat 12:00
190. Archive Stories and Questions of Silence Sat 4:00

2. Crime, Justice and the Law

20. Comparative Histories of Infanticide and Child Murder in the Modern West Thu 12:00
53. Author Meets Critic: The Paradox of Violence in Venezuela: Revolution, Crime and Policing during Chavismo, by David Smilde, Veronica Zubillaga and Rebecca Hanson Fri 8:00
112. Law and order: rhetorics, narratives and social construction Fri 3:45
164. Measuring and Assessing Crime and Punishment Sat 12:00

3. Culture

4. Author Meets Critic: A Strategic Nature: Public Relations and the Politics of American Environmentalism by Melissa Aronczyk and Maria I. Espinoza Thu 8:00
19. Author Meets Critic: Tad Skotnicki's 'The Sympathetic Consumer' Thu 12:00
66. The Politics of Art/Aesthetics Fri 10:00
123. Classification Struggles I: Fields, Markets, and Morality Fri 5:45
137. Author Meets Critics/ "How Civic Action Works: Fighting for Housing in Los Angeles" by Paul Lichterman (Princeton and Oxford: Princeton University Press, 2021) Sat 8:00
139. Exclusion and Symbolic Politics Sat 8:00
152. Author Meets Critics: Rally 'Round the Flag: The Search for National Honor and Respect in Times of Crisis by Yuval Feinstein Sat 10:00
179. Classification Struggles II: Rethinking Fundamental Concepts Sat 2:00

4. Economics

24. Organization and Regulation: Unions, Barriers to Trade, and Consumer Organizations Thu 12:00
46. State Capacity Thu 4:00
63. Book Panel: Art Carden & Deirdre N. McCloskey: Leave Me Alone and I’ll Make You Rich How the Bourgeois Deal Enriched the World Fri 10:00
70. The Happiest Country in the World Under Construction: New Historical Economics on Finnish Development Fri 10:00
117. Cases of Colonialism and Development Fri 3:45
142. Demographic Stress and Gender in Europe Sat 8:00
155. Mining and Industry Sat 10:00
175. Book Panel: Claudia Goldin: Career and Family: Women’s Century-Long Journey toward Equity Sat 12:00
183. Book Panel: J. Bradford DeLong: Book Session: Slouching Towards Utopia: An Economic History of the Twentieth Century Sat 2:00
196. Problems with Measuring Relative Worth over Time Sat 4:00

5. Education, Knowledge and Science

1. Ranking Evidence, Evidencing Rank Thu 8:00
11. Archival Methods, Ethics, and Subjectivities Thu 10:00
27. Expertise and the U.S. State Thu 2:00
36. Expertise and Cultures of Uncertainty Thu 4:00
50. Expertise and the Representation of Racial Inequality and Difference Fri 8:00
98. Colonization, Race and Education Fri 1:45
110. Colonial Influence on the Institutional Formation of Social Science Fri 3:45
135. Contested Values in Fields of Expertise Sat 8:00
148. Author Meets Critics: "The Birth Certificate: An American History" by Susan Pearson Sat 10:00
176. Expertise, the State, and the Past Sat 2:00
189. Author Meets Critics: "The Colonial Origins of Modern Social Thought: French Sociology and the Overseas Empire" by George Steinmetz Sat 4:00
203. In and Beyond Colonial Archives Sun 8:00
212. Author Meets Critics: "Allies and Rivals: German-American Exchange and the Rise of the Modern Research University" by Emily J. Levine Sun 10:00

6. Family Demography

26. Full Count Census Data I: Impact of Shocks on Demographic and Economic Outcomes Thu 12:00
34. Presidential Session: Using Colonial and Missionary Data for Demography Thu 2:00
45. Long Term Studies on Intergenerational Effects on Mobility and Fertility Thu 4:00
59. Leveraging Names in Full Count Census Data Fri 8:00
60. Populations under Pressure Session (I): Forced Labor, Slavery and Its Continued Effects on Colonial Societies Fri 8:00
73. Populations under Pressure Session (II): Forced Labor, Slavery and Its Continued Effects on Colonial Societies Fri 10:00
74. The Path to Marriage Fri 10:00
108. The Impact of Birth: Maternal Mortality, Life Expectancy and Survival Fri 1:45
133. The Impact of Cohesion: Single Households, Marriage Premium and in-Laws. Fri 5:45
145. The Impact of Mothers, Neighborhoods and Disability on later-Life Outcomes Sat 8:00
173. Escaping the Bad? Demographic Consequences and Migration Outcomes Sat 12:00

7. Health, Medicine and Body

132. Author Meets Critic: Managing Medical Authority: How Doctors Compete for Status and Create Knowledge by Daniel A. Menchik Fri 5:45
160. Healthcare and Health Insurance in Domestic and Imperial Settings Sat 10:00
200. Care of and Death Among the Elderly Sat 4:00
210. Holding Health Professionals Accountable Sun 8:00
221. Public Health and Race Sun 10:00

8. Historical Geography and GIS

2. Roundtable--Building and Using Shareable Infrastructure to Advance Historical GIS Thu 8:00
12. Education and Outreach Thu 10:00
28. From Empire to Empire State: Housing New York City over the Long Run Thu 2:00
37. Institutions, Health, and the Environment Thu 4:00
51. Trauma Fri 8:00
77. Mapping Spatial Microdata Fri 10:00
99. Project Development Fri 1:45
136. Geographies of Segregation and Inequality I Sat 8:00
149. Regional Development and Inequality Sat 10:00
177. Geographies of Segregation and Inequality II Sat 2:00

9. Labor

13. Labor Movements and Configurations of Racial Capitalism: Theorizing Race, Class, Gender in historical change Thu 10:00
30. Presidential Session - Labor and Inequality in Africa Thu 2:00
67. Good Jobs, Bad Jobs Fri 10:00
102. Race and Gender in Labor History Fri 1:45
163. Labor Action, Labor Organizing Sat 12:00
191. Flexible Work and Trade Union Responses in the Netherlands Sat 4:00

10. Macrohistorical Dynamics

9. (Post-)Colonial Archipelagos: Comparing the Legacies of Spanish Colonialism Thu 8:00
17. Power and Normativity in Society and History (1): Racial Articulations across Spatial Regimes Thu 10:00
25. Power and Normativity in Society and History (2): States in Comparative-Historical Perspective Thu 12:00
33. Power and Normativity in Society and History (3): Intellectuals, History, and the State Thu 2:00
39. Power, Governance, and Political Economy Thu 4:00
44. Power and Normativity in Society and History (4): the Historicity of Capitalism Thu 4:00
58. Finance and Empire Fri 8:00
105. Withered Relevance of Historical Social Sciences at Times of Global Crises? Fri 1:45
118. Cold War Ontologies (1/2) Fri 3:45
125. Book panel: Phillip A. Hough _At the Margins of the Global Market: Making Commodites, Workers, and Crisis in Rural Colombia_ (Cambridge University Press 2022) Fri 5:45
129. Book Panel: Clash of Empires: From "Chimerica" to the "New Cold War" by Ho-fung Hung Fri 5:45
130. Cold War Efflorescences (2/2) Fri 5:45
143. Politics of Civilizations and Empires Sat 8:00
156. Author Meets Critics: "Capitalism and the Emergence of Civic Equality in Eighteenth-Century France," by William H.Sewell, Jr Sat 10:00
169. Theory and History of Empires in Eurasia: Past and Present Sat 12:00
170. New Directions in Historical Sociology Sat 12:00
195. New Frontiers in Social Science Historical Methods Sat 4:00
197. Movements and Conflicts in World-Historical Perspectives Sat 4:00
209. Between Marx and Mosca: The Critical Legacy of Elite Theory Sun 8:00
220. Author Meets Critic: Book "Creolizing the Modern. Transylvania across Empires" by Anca Parvulescu and Manuela Boatca Sun 10:00

11. Migration/Immigration

5. Analyzing Modern Migrations in the Global Context Thu 8:00
21. Framed by larger trends: Residential migration patterns Thu 12:00
31. Understanding Global Migration: Book Review Panel Thu 2:00
40. "The Geopolitics of Mobility: Immigration Policy and American Global Power in the Long Twentieth Century," Article Review Session Thu 4:00
54. Migration Theory: Talking Across Disciplines, Book Review Panel Fri 8:00
113. Presidential Session: Contexts of Reception in Global and Historical Perspective Fri 3:45
114. Quantitative Transnational Approaches to Migrations and Persecutions: A Renewal in Migration Studies Fri 3:45
124. Author Meets Critic: "The Migration-Development Regime: How Class Shapes Indian Emigration" by Rina Agarwala Fri 5:45
166. Migration, Refuge and Imperial Geopolitics: New Perspectives Sat 12:00
193. Migrant Instability and the Politics of Uncertainty Sat 4:00
205. Mapping Migration Pathways Sun 8:00
213. Cross-Border Labor Recruitment in the Age of Decolonization Sun 10:00
215. Author Meets Critic: "On the Other Shore: Italians in South America during the Great War" by John Galante Sun 10:00

12. Politics

16. Roundtable: The Rise and Decline of the Voting Rights Act: Perspectives from History, Political Science, Demography and Civil Rights Lawyers Thu 10:00
43. Politics, Finance, and Imperial State Formation in the Early Modern World Thu 4:00
56. Critical Perspectives on U.S. Historical Development Fri 8:00
57. Asian and Middle Eastern Politics Fri 8:00
127. European Politics Fri 5:45
128. Contemporary United States Politics Fri 5:45
168. Colonialism and Empire Sat 12:00
182. Engaging War in Ukraine: Scholarly and Pedagogical Interventions Sat 2:00
208. State and Local Politics in the United States Sun 8:00
219. War and Politics Sun 10:00

13. Public Finance

35. Measuring the Fisc Thu 2:00
144. Settler Colonialism and Taxation Sat 8:00
211. Public Finance and the U.S. welfare state Sun 8:00

14. Race and Ethnicity

47. Roundtable: Recent Research on Race and Appraisal, Finance, and Real Estate Thu 4:00
72. Race and the Long Shadow of European Nationalism Fri 10:00
106. Theoretical Perspectives on Race Fri 1:45
107. Book Session: An Ugly Word: Rethinking Race in Italy and the United States by Ann Morning and Marcello Maneri Fri 1:45
119. Upending the Color Line: Towards a Du Boisian Sociological Methodology Fri 3:45
131. Transhistorical Approaches to Race and Racism in Germany and Beyond Fri 5:45
184. Race, Racism, and the State Sat 2:00
186. Presidential Session: Renegades and Castaways: Towards a Decolonized Sociology Sat 2:00
198. The Poisoned Chalice: The Potential and Paradoxes of anti-Colonial Knowledge Production Sat 4:00
199. Book Panel: "The Bricks Before Brown" by Marisela Martinez-Cola Sat 4:00

15. Religion

29. Modernity, Secularization, and Cultural Politics Thu 2:00
62. Presidential Session - Missionaries and Empire Fri 8:00
65. Book Panel: Sacred Kingship in World History: Between Immanence and Transcendence (A. Azfar Moin and Alan Strathern) Fri 10:00
100. Religious Encounters and Meaning Fri 1:45
150. Book Panel: Bound Together: The Secularization of Turkey's Literary Fields and the Western Promise of Freedom by Baris Büyükokutan Sat 10:00
178. Politics and Social Change in Catholic Contexts Sat 2:00
214. Book panel: The Flag and the Cross: White Christian Nationalism and the Threat to American Democracy Sun 10:00

16. Rural, Agricultural and Environmental

49. Presidential Session: The US South: Colonialism, Internal Colonialism, and Uneven Development Thu 4:00
61. Rural, Agricultural, and Environmental Fri 8:00
120. Presidential Session: Empire, Energy, and Environment Fri 3:45
161. Round table: Place attachment and social science history Sat 10:00

17. States and Society

6. Subnational Politics 1: American Political Development, Reconsidered Thu 8:00
7. Fiscal and Monetary States Thu 8:00
14. (Dis)assembling the State: New Approaches to Studying State and Society Thu 10:00
22. Author Meets Critics: "Redistributing the Poor: Jails, Hospitals, and the Crisis of Law and Fiscal Austerity" by Armando Lara-Millán Thu 12:00
23. State Administration and Elites Thu 12:00
32. U.S. and British Empire Thu 2:00
41. Author Meets Critics: "Worldmaking in the Long Great War: How Local and Colonial Struggles Shaped the Modern Middle East" by Jonathan Wyrtzen Thu 4:00
42. Education and the International Thu 4:00
55. Presidential Session: New Perspectives in Postcolonial Social Theory Fri 8:00
68. Author Meets Critics: 'Delivery as Dispossession' by Zachary Levenson Fri 10:00
71. Perspectives on German and U.S. Imperialism Fri 10:00
103. Erving Goffman and the Historians: Contributions of Interactionism to the Study of the Relationships between States, Institutions and Populations Fri 1:45
115. Subnational Politics 2: The Actually Existing Safety Net Fri 3:45
116. Regions of State Formation Fri 3:45
126. Economic Value in the Post-Colonial State: Egypt, India, and China Fri 5:45
140. Theorizing and Historicizing Revolutionary and Counter-Revolutionary Actors: Lessons from Modern and Contemporary Revolutions Sat 8:00
141. Conceptualizing State-Making Sat 8:00
153. Presidential Session: New Directions in the Critical Study of Global Counterinsurgency and the Police-Military Continuum Sat 10:00
167. Protests, Movements, Rebellions Sat 12:00
181. Theorizing the State’s Many Hands: How States Build, Reconfigure and Deploy Power Sat 2:00
194. Presidential Session - Author Meets Critics: Bread and Freedom: Egypt's Revolutionary Situation, by Mona El-Ghobashy Sat 4:00
206. Neoliberalism, Authoritarianism, and the Post-Neoliberal Sun 8:00
207. Global Connections of Class Sun 8:00
216. U.S. Empire in Latin America and the Caribbean Sun 10:00
217. Dynamics of Political Conflict in Middle Eastern States Sun 10:00

18. Urban

48. Governing the City Thu 4:00
158. Dispossession and Migration: Perspectives on the Role of Courts and Displacement in Historical Perspective Sat 10:00
222. Author Meets Critic: Stacked Decks by Robin Bartram Sun 10:00

19. Women, Gender and Sexuality

75. Author Meets Critic - Vrushali Patil (2022): Webbed Connectivities: The Imperial Sociology of Sex, Gender, and Sexuality, Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press Fri 10:00
76. Activism and Queer Historiography Fri 10:00
109. Author Meets Critic - In Memoriam - Jeffrey Escoffier: Sex, Society and the Making of Pornography: The Pornographic Object of Knowledge, Rutgers University Press, 2021 Fri 1:45
121. Gender Concepts and Historical Structures Fri 3:45
122. Multidimensional perspectives on Women's Movements Fri 3:45
134. International Perspectives on Women's Movements Fri 5:45
146. Author Meets Critic - Claudia Franziska Brühwiler, Out of a Gray Fog: Ayn Rand's Europe Lexington 2021 Sat 8:00
157. Author-Meets-Critics: The Politics of Surviving by Paige Sweet Sat 10:00
159. Gender: Work in Progress Sat 10:00
172. Gender Crises in Past and Present: Grappling with Shame and Identity during Times of Upheaval Sat 12:00
174. Transnationality and Gender I Sat 12:00
185. Author Meets Critic: 'The Maternalists: Psychoanalysis, Motherhood, and the British Welfare State' by Shaul Bar-Haim Sat 2:00
187. Transnationality and Gender II Sat 2:00
188. Motherhood and Early State Socialism in East-Central Europe Sat 2:00
201. American Women Writers and Fictional Heroines Sat 4:00

20. Data Infrastructure

15. New Linked Data Infrastructure: Census Data, Registries, and Vital Records Thu 10:00
69. Full Count Census Data II: Record Linkage and Databases Fri 10:00
104. Sustaining Social Science Infrastructure Into the Future: A Roundtable Discussion Fri 1:45
154. Innovations in Data Infrastructure Sat 10:00
218. Mobilizing Census Data: Key Infrastructure Developments Sun 10:00

21. SSHA Sessions

78. Network Meeting - Childhood and Youth Fri 12:00
79. Network Meeting - Crime, Justice and the Law Fri 12:00
80. Network Meeting - Culture Fri 12:00
81. Network Meeting - Economics Fri 12:00
82. Network Meeting - Education, Knowledge and Science Fri 12:00
83. Network Meeting - Family Demography Fri 12:00
84. Network Meeting - Health, Medicine and Body Fri 12:00
85. Network Meeting - Historical Geography and GIS Fri 12:00
86. Network Meeting - Labor Fri 12:00
87. Network Meeting - Macrohistorical Dynamics Fri 12:00
88. Network Meeting - Migration/Immigration Fri 12:45
89. Network Meeting - Politics Fri 12:45
90. Network Meeting - Public Finance Fri 12:45
91. Network Meeting - Race and Ethnicity Fri 12:45
92. Network Meeting - Religion Fri 12:45
93. Network Meeting - Rural, Agricultural and Environmental Fri 12:45
94. Network Meeting - States and Society Fri 12:45
95. Network Meeting - Urban Fri 12:45
96. Network Meeting - Women, Gender and Sexuality Fri 12:45
97. Network Meeting - Data Infrastructure Fri 12:45
101. Presidential Session - Empire, Anti-Imperialism and Revolution Fri 1:45
165. Presidential Session - The Future(s) of Historical Social Science Sat 12:00
171. Presidential Session - Rethinking Empires in and of Asia Sat 12:00
192. Presidential Session - Anticolonial Imaginaries and the Politics of Decolonization Sat 4:00