1. Childhood and Youth

101. Childhood and Youth Alexander/Dillenburg/Swietlicki /Søland

2. Crime, Justice and the Law

201. Crime, Justice and the Law Shiff/Svedin

3. Culture

301. Culture Arnold/Büyükokutan/Dromi

4. Economics

401. Economics Meyer/Saaritsa/Eloranta/Burnett

5. Education, Knowledge and Science

501. Education, Knowledge and Science Baker/Myers/Steward

6. Family Demography

601. Family Demography Zijdeman/van Dijk
602. Using Colonial and Missionary Data for Demography Zijdeman
603. Complete Count Data and Linked Censuses Zijdeman
604. Producing Causal Estimates Using Linked Data Zijdeman
605. New Insights from Sequence Analysis Zijdeman
606. The Path to Marriage Zijdeman
607. Multi-Generational Effects in Demography Zijdeman
608. Changes in Family Structure as a Result of Shocks Zijdeman
609. Linked Data (RDF): Conversion, Vocabularies and Experiences Zijdeman

7. Health, Medicine and Body

701. Health, Medicine and Body Tatarek/Caron

8. Historical Geography and GIS

801. Historical Geography and GIS Kennedy/Trepal

9. Labor

901. Labor Groeger/Wood/Walter/Ivory

10. Macrohistorical Dynamics

1001. Macro-Historical Dynamics Hung/Lee/Reed

11. Migration/Immigration

1101. Immigration/Migration Zanoni/Condit-Shrestha/Waldron

12. Politics

1201. Politics Thurber/Mudge

13. Public Finance

1301. Public Finance Barnes/Michelmore

14. Race and Ethnicity

1401. Race and Ethnicity Jewell/Ivory/Martinez-Cola

15. Religion

1501. Religion Peker/Nelson/Saeed

16. Rural, Agricultural and Environmental

1601. Rural, Agricultural, and Environmental Leonard/MacFadyen

17. States and Society

1701. States and Society Cohen/Ivory/Ackerman/Noy

18. Urban

1801. Urban Diwakar/Levenson

19. Women, Gender and Sexuality

1901. Women, Gender and Sexuality Grisard/Pieper-Mooney/Goessl/Roth

20. Data Infrastructure

2001. Data Infrastructure Magnuson/Block/Zijdeman/Meyer
2002. Findability and Sustainability of Data Magnuson
2003. Dealing with Database Endeavours: Staff, Funding, Software Legacy, Collaborations Magnuson
2004. Data in History: Studies on Data Gathering in the Past Magnuson
2005. Linked Open Data (Rdf): Best Practices in Social Science History Magnuson

21. SSHA Sessions